New XSL mailing list

Subject: New XSL mailing list
From: Tony Graham <tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 01:05:49 -0500 (EST)
Mulberry Technologies announces the availability of XSL-List, the open
forum for discussion of XSL (Extensible Style Language).

To subscribe to XSL-List, send mail to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with
"subscribe xsl-list" as the body of your message.  For more
information, see

XSL-List will host discussion of XSL itself, XSL applications and
implementation, and XSL user questions.  XSL-List is open to everyone,
users and developers, experts and novices alike.  There is no
restriction to what may be posted on the XSL-List provided it is
related to XSL.

XSL-related discussion should henceforth take place on the XSL-List
rather than the DSSSList.

XSL-List is not a W3C mailing list nor is it affiliated with W3C or
any other organization.  XSL-List has no official standing with any
organization and XSL-List subscribers do not constitute a Special
Interest Group. However, XSL-List was established with the
encouragement of members of the W3C XSL Working Group, and members of
the Working Group will be among the subscribers to the list.

XSL-List is provided by Mulberry Technologies as a service to the
XSL user community and the XSL standardization effort.

Only subscribers can post to XSL-List, but since the goal is to
increase the level of XSL knowledge, XSL-List is being archived on
Mulberry's web site for everybody to view.  The topics being discussed
on the XSL-List changes as new ideas arise or existing problems are
dealt with, but the archive contains all of the ideas and solutions
that have been discussed on the list.


Tony Graham
Tony Graham
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.                         Phone: 301-315-9632
17 West Jefferson Street, Suite 207                 Fax:   301-315-8285
Rockville, MD USA 20850                 email: tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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