Table Height - explicitly setting

Subject: Table Height - explicitly setting
From: "Glenn R. Kronschnabl" <grk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 12:51:30 -0600
I would like a table to have a fixed height(length).  Anybody have any way to 
do this?

I am basically trying to use dsssl to generate/fill out a form and the form 
contains a table.  I want the table to take the same amount of space 
independent of the number of rows (assuming the number of rows) will always 
fit in the fixed space.

Is there any way to query where you are in a page?  i.e., if I add two rows 
that say take up 2 in, and I know that I want the table to be 5 in, I could 
add a cell with a specific height to fill in the desired space.

Glenn R. Kronschnabl
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