Title Page with a Table

Subject: Title Page with a Table
From: Chuck Darney <cdarney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 14:28:35 -0500
I'm still trying to devfelop a title page.  At trhe suggestion of
Lassi.Turra@xxxxxxx, I'm using a table to handle proper positioning.  I
hadn't even considered that, but it seemed such a simple and logical
choice for positioning the fixed information properly.

I created a small SGM table and used Jade to produce and RTF using a
modifed version the the DOCBOOK DSL.  The table doesn't appear as it was
supposed to.  Text I specified as centered isn't, row heights aren't
used.  I end up with a table having 6 single line rows. Text entities
are properly handled.

I have made no changes to the DSL with regard to table so I assume it
will work properly.  Am I missing something? (obviously!)  Perhaps
someone has an example of a title page using fixed positioning?

Thanks for any help.

...Chuck Darney


the SGM fragment being used

<table frame="all">
<tgroup cols="1" colsep="1" rowsep="1">
<colspec colwidth="624*">
<?PubTbl row rht="1in" >
<entry valign="top" align="center">DISABILITY PROPOSAL</entry></row>
<?PubTbl row rht="0.5in" >
<entry valign="top" align="center">PREPARED FOR:</entry></row>
<?PubTbl row rht="0.5in" >
<entry valign="top" align="center">&POLICYHOLDER;</entry></row>
<?PubTbl row rht="6in" >
<entry valign="middle" align="center"></entry></row>
<?PubTbl row rht="0.5in" >
<entry valign="top" align="left">This Proposal is valid until:
<?PubTbl row rht="0.5in" >
<entry valign="top" align="left">Underwritten By:

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