customization of blockquote and figure titles

Subject: customization of blockquote and figure titles
From: Christian Leutloff <leutloff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 27 Feb 1998 18:43:58 +0100
Mbox-line: From Fri Feb 27 18:43:59 1998

I want to modify the block quote element, as defined in Norm's Modular
Stylesheets. I is possible to change the indentation, but the changes
to the font-size and line-spacing are ignored. What's wrong?? I've
tried different settings, but nothing changed 8-(

  (make paragraph
	font-size: 10pt
	line-spacing: 2pt
	space-before: %para-sep%
	start-indent: (+ %body-start-indent% 3em)
	end-indent: 3em

My other problem is to get the right indentation of a figure title. I
need the following appearance:

Figure 1-1: this is the
            figure title

I can achieve this through modifying start-indent and
first-line-start-indent. My problem is to calculate the length of
"Figure 1-1". "Figure 2-2" is a bet longer than "Figure 1-1" 8-(.

(mode formal-object-title-mode
  (element TITLE
    (let* ((object (parent (current-node)))
	   (nsep   (gentext-label-title-sep (gi object))))
      (make paragraph
	use: para-style
	font-weight: 'bold
	space-before: 0pt
	space-after: %block-sep%
;	start-indent: (+ %block-start-indent% (inherited-start-indent))
	start-indent: (+ %block-start-indent% 1.7cm (inherited-start-indent))
	first-line-start-indent: (+ %block-start-indent% -1.7cm (inherited-start-indent))
	keep-with-next?: #t
	(literal (gentext-element-name (gi object)))
	(if (string=? (element-label object) "")
	    (literal nsep)
	    (literal " " (element-label object) nsep))


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