Re: The DSSSList Digest V1 #262

Subject: Re: The DSSSList Digest V1 #262
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 10:02:57 -0500
/ MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx (WROTH, MARK B) was heard to say:
| No, or at least that possibility hadn't occurred to me.  What I was
| thinking of was a way to specify in the document *instance* that if no
| other stylesheet was specified, a particular stylesheet should be used.
| In the best of all possible worlds, I could override that specification
| from the command line, so that for the nine times out of ten the default
| is used, the command line is just "jade foo.sgm", while the tenth time
| it would be "jade -d alt.dsl foo.sgm".

I've never tried it, but...

From jade.htm in the Jade distribution:

Jade determines the system identifier for the DSSSL
specification as follows:

If the -d option is specified, it will use the argument as the
system identifier.

Otherwise, it will look for processing instructions in the
prolog of the document. Two kinds of processing instruction are

<?stylesheet href="sysid" type="text/dsssl"> 

The system data of the processing instruction is parsed like an
SGML start-tag. It will be parsed using the reference concrete
syntax whatever the actual concrete syntax of the document. The
name that starts the processing instruction can be either
stylesheet or xml-stylesheet. The processing instruction will be
ignored unless the value of the type attribute is one of
text/dsssl, text/x-dsssl, application/dsssl, or
application/x-dsssl. The value of href attribute is the system
identifier of the DSSSL specification.

<?dsssl sysid> 

The system identifier is the portion of the system data of the
processing instruction following the initial name and any

Although the processing instruction is only recognized in the
prolog, it need not occur in the document entity. For example,
it could occur in a DTD. The system identifier will be
interpreted relative to where the the processing instruction

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