Re: Color and size within a table

Subject: Re: Color and size within a table
From: "Jordi Mulet" <jmulet@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 16:06:09 +0100
Hello again,
We have modified the line of color and we now doesn't obtain any error, but the output is the same.
We have fixed default color to red and  default size to 18 and the output work correctly, but the PI in the instance doesn't work:
       <para><?size 10pt>187.960 </para>
       <para><?color blue-color>176.903 </para>
   <?SIZE 10pt><para>178.562 </para>
   <para><?color bluecolor>168.058</para>
These are our functions:
(define ($pi-font-color$)
  (let ((fontcolor (inherited-pi-value (current-node) "color")))
      (if fontcolor
   (make paragraph
      font-family-name: font-name
      font-weight: weight
       font-size: (if fontsize fontsize 18pt)
       color:(if fontcolor fontcolor *red-color*)
      quadding: align
      (process-node-list (children para) ) ) ) ) 
Our definitions of colors are:
DSSSL-space color: 
(define *blue-color*
  (color *rgb-color-space* (/ 0 255) (/ 0 255) (/ 255 255)))
(define *red-color*
  (color *rgb-color-space* (/ 255 255) (/ 0 255) (/ 0 255)))
Thanks for your feedback,
Editorial Praxis S.A 
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