Modifying nav bar

Subject: Modifying nav bar
From: Kendall Clark <kendall@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 16:03:57 -0500

I really like Norm's nav bar for HTML; I'm even using fast-forward and
fast-backward and it works fine.

But... I need to keep the functionality exactly as is, and instead of doing
<a href="foo">Next</a> and <a href="foo">Prev</a>, I need to do something
like <a href="foo"><img src="next.gif" alt="Next"></a>, etc.

In other words, I want to plug in some little navigation icons in place of
the plain text.

I don't know DSSSL but this seems like a fairly trivial change. I looked
at dbnavig.dsl but it wasn't obviously apparent what I should change.

I saw the places where <a href="next_chunk"> get defined, but I didn't see
where the content of the <a href..></a> get's defined.

Am I just blind? 



PS--By the way, Norm: I'll send you the icons I'm using and if you like them,
please feel free to include them in your stylesheets. They'll be really small gifs.

Kendall G. Clark                      Novare' International
Celebrate Cooperation, Excellence, and Altruism: Use Linux!

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