Re: Modifying nav bar

Subject: Re: Modifying nav bar
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 17:20:27 -0400
/ Kendall Clark <kendall@xxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
| I really like Norm's nav bar for HTML; I'm even using fast-forward and
| fast-backward and it works fine.

Shudder.  I've completely given up on FF and FB.  I can't even
decide what the semantics should be, let alone whatever I may
have implemented.  But I'm glad you like 'em ;-)

| But... I need to keep the functionality exactly as is, and instead of doing
| <a href="foo">Next</a> and <a href="foo">Prev</a>, I need to do something
| like <a href="foo"><img src="next.gif" alt="Next"></a>, etc.
| In other words, I want to plug in some little navigation icons in place of
| the plain text.

If you look in the localization file of your choice
(dbl1usen.dsl, dbl1dege.dsl, etc.), you'll find functions like

(define (gentext-usen-nav-prev prev) 
  (make sequence (literal "Prev")))

If you replace those functions with something else, like

(define (gentext-usen-nav-prev prev) 
  (make element gi: "IMG"
	attributes: '(("SRC" "next.gif")
		      ("ALT" "Next"))))

in your customization layer, you should get the desired behavior.

| I don't know DSSSL but this seems like a fairly trivial change. I looked
| at dbnavig.dsl but it wasn't obviously apparent what I should change.

Right idea, wrong place.  Most of the "easy to change" things are either
in dbparam.dsl (the parameters) or in a customization layer (if they're
language dependent).

| PS--By the way, Norm: I'll send you the icons I'm using and if
| you like them, please feel free to include them in your
| stylesheets. They'll be really small gifs.



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