Deriving unique href target?

Subject: Deriving unique href target?
From: MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wroth, Mark)
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 07:09:15 -0700
I'm attempting to produce -- among several other outputs -- an HTML
version of a document marked up with SGML and processed with Jade.  I'm
using the non-standard transformation extensions to Jade to get the HTML
output, which in general works fine for what I need to do.

However, I'm having a problem with creating internal hyperlinks. My
approach is to wrap each end of the link in a `make element gi: "a" '.
So far, so good.  

Now I need to produce a name/href pair to cast as attributes of the link
elements.  Since I'm linking from a summary list to the element being
summarized, my immediate inclination is to use the element-number
associated with the target.  This number is available where I create the
summary list (which I do by processing the document with a special
summary mode) and appears in the printed output with no problem.

However, when I try to use the value of that element-number in the list
of lists needed for a make element's attributes, Jade complains that
I've used an inappropriate value, and leaves the attribute list blank.
I've tried various combinations of 
literal, format-number, and number->string without hitting on the magic

Suggestions?  Even better, examples of code that does something like
this?  I don't want to use an ID attribute on the target element (there
isn't one there now, and I don't really want to add one unless there's
no other way).

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