Re: Deriving unique href target?

Subject: Re: Deriving unique href target?
From: Daniel Speck <dspeck@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 17:34:57 -0400

Wroth, Mark wrote:

> Now I need to produce a name/href pair to cast as attributes of the link
> elements.  Since I'm linking from a summary list to the element being
> summarized, my immediate inclination is to use the element-number
> associated with the target.  This number is available where I create the
> summary list (which I do by processing the document with a special
> summary mode) and appears in the printed output with no problem.
> However, when I try to use the value of that element-number in the list
> of lists needed for a make element's attributes, Jade complains that
> I've used an inappropriate value, and leaves the attribute list blank.
> I've tried various combinations of
> literal, format-number, and number->string without hitting on the magic
> combination.

The attributes characteristic on the element flow object class takes a list
of lists of strings. The first item in each embedded list is the name of the
attribute and the second item is its value (both as strings). If you are
evaluating expressions to get the value of the attribute value (as I assume
you are) you should use something like the following to specify the value:

(make element
    gi: "a"
    attributes: (list (list "href" (number->string (all-element-number))))

Note that you should probably be using the non-standard (all-element-number)
procedure to come up with a unique identifier for your destinations.


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