QUE: Stop &#227 from being translated into its character.

Subject: QUE: Stop &#227 from being translated into its character.
From: Tsoukalos Mihalis <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 16:04:39 +0300
It is me again. Unfortunately I have managed to find another problem :-)

I am using the Jade HTML back end now and I am trying to stop it from
translating i.e. &#227; to its character [which has the 227 value] in my
HTML output file without any luck. I just want to have &#227; without
any change.
If I use the XML back end everything works fine as far as translation in
Is there any way to stop that translation?
Of course this does not happen to this character only. It happens to
other characters as well but not in all of them. i.e. &#255; is not
being translated.

many thanks in advance,

Name: Mihalis Tsoukalos
Software Engineer
Home Email: mailto:diogenes@xxxxxx

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