help with (process-element-with-id ...)

Subject: help with (process-element-with-id ...)
From: "John Sidlo" <jsidlo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 13:41:28 -0400
I have the following rule for a <pblk>:

(element pblk
	(if (string? (attribute-string "conloc"))
	 (make paragraph
		   quadding: 'start
		   font-size: *p-font-size*
		   line-spacing: *p-font-size*
		   space-before: 10pt
		   start-indent: *li-indent*
;			 (literal "you asked for it toyota**********"))
;				  (error (attribute-string "conloc"))))
				  (attribute-string "conloc")))

and I have a <pblk> like this:

<pblk conloc="uniqueid">

and elsewhere I have:

<pblk id="uniqueid">
<p>mumble, mumble</p>

The rule fires, but the associated text is not included.  Does anyone see my
error, or can tell me what is missing?

John Sidlo

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