Re: no port for label

Subject: Re: no port for label
From: shennessy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 98 11:05:47 -0800
The background:
I believe we can use DSSSL and Jade as an S-converter.  That is transform
our SGML
source documents to another character based markup ( XYWrite).  The
<table> elements are next on my list for format conversion.  The result
of the table group, body, row and entry elements is raw text currently and I
have in mind to make some adjustments.  Original effort at these table
handlers in my SGML2ODSP.DSL involved (literal ?[ blah ]?) to instrument
notation to indicate I had the right tags.  That done I would like to
address just
how to format the individual cells within rows in a more attractive layout.

I thought the use of the $process-table-body$, (from a search of <table>
like elements in the collection of *.dsl within the docbook\print),  would
lead me on an adventure in the right direction.  Finding myself staring at a
dead end I figured it would be a good time get past my denial, to humble
myself, and seek some advice..


>>Experimenting with DSSSL and curious about how tables would look if...
>>Lookit what happens when I added the following to my print.dsl lookalike
>>dsl which broke ( no surprise ) but no clue as to why ( no surprise here
>>either  :o ).

>>(element thead
>>($process-table-body$ (current-node)))

>But what you?ve got here is exactly the same as what?s in dbtable.dsl, so I
?m at a bit of a loss to understand what >you?ve changed in your own
print.dsl.  Can you give us a little more background?
>>?Are we having fun yet??

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was going on without bothering
everybody with a lot of questions,
and then being

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