Derived Procedures in ISO 10179

Subject: Derived Procedures in ISO 10179
From: Andreas.Saremba@xxxxxxxxxxx (Andreas Saremba)
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 22:39:50 +0200
Has anybody undertaken to check the correctness of the definitions 
for the derived procedures given in the DSSSL standard? I needed one 
of them today, copied the definition - and found it didn't work. Here 
it is (from 10.2.2, pages 135 f.)

(define (node-list-head nl i)
  (if (zero? i)
      (node-list (node-list-first nl)
                 (node-list-head nl (- i 1)))))

This is an obvious error - the "nl" in the last line has to be 
replaced by "(node-list-rest nl)". (Ok - they couldn't test it in 

I understand the DSSSL Documentation project is working on 
documenting these things, but I havent't found this one in their 
material. It would be very helpful to have all these procedures 
collected for reuse in one's own scripts, and I would be willing to 
help in this effort, but certainly not until I'm confident that I'm 
not re-enventing the wheel.

Andreas Saremba
Amselweg 19, 14656 Brieselang
Tel. 033232/38264
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