Re: Derived Procedures in ISO 10179

Subject: Re: Derived Procedures in ISO 10179
From: Tony Graham <tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 19:01:22 -0400 (EDT)
At 15 Jul 1998 22:39 +0200, Andreas Saremba wrote:
 > Has anybody undertaken to check the correctness of the definitions 
 > for the derived procedures given in the DSSSL standard? I needed one 
 > of them today, copied the definition - and found it didn't work. Here 
 > it is (from 10.2.2, pages 135 f.)

I don't know that anyone has set out to check all the definitions.
Like you, people have been reporting problems to the DSSSList as they
find them.

 > (define (node-list-head nl i)
 >   (if (zero? i)
 >       (empty-node-list)
 >       (node-list (node-list-first nl)
 >                  (node-list-head nl (- i 1)))))
 > This is an obvious error - the "nl" in the last line has to be 
 > replaced by "(node-list-rest nl)". (Ok - they couldn't test it in 
 > 1996.)
 > I understand the DSSSL Documentation project is working on 
 > documenting these things, but I havent't found this one in their 
 > material. It would be very helpful to have all these procedures 
 > collected for reuse in one's own scripts, and I would be willing to 
 > help in this effort, but certainly not until I'm confident that I'm 
 > not re-enventing the wheel.

The documentation project is not that systematic, you would not be
reinventing the wheel, and anything you could contribute would be more
than welcome.

People have contributed to the DSSSL Documentation Project at various
times (see the contributors page) but there isn't really a "they"
beavering away on the Documentation Project right now.  If you, or
anyone else, have something that you would like to contribute or would
like to contribute but don't know what you can work on, feel free to
contact me.  I would dearly like more people to contribute to the
Documentation Project.


Tony Graham
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