Re: Table Column Widths

Subject: Re: Table Column Widths
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 06:51:06 -0400
| I have assumed until recently that <para> inside a table cell
| (this is DocBook) would wrap just like a <p> inside a 
| <tr><td><p>foo</p></td></tr> in an HTML table.

It's supposed to.

| That turns out not to be the case with the JadeTeX backend.


| I asked Sebastian Rahtz about this, thinking it a bug in
| JadeTeX, and he assures me this is because the DSSSL stylesheets
| I'm using -- based on Norm's sheets, modified by Tony Graham --
| don't supply table column widths.
| So, does anyone else want paragraph material to wrap w/in table
| cells?


| Norm, is this on your list of things to do?

Er, it is now.

Let's see if the solution is really, really easy, or not, for
starters.  Ken, do you already have <colspec> elements that
specify the column widths that you want?  If you add them, do
the stylesheets do the right thing?  (I'm guessing not, but...)

Sebastian, in order for this to work, do I need to generate
table-column flow objects with appropriate widths for all the
columns?  (And what the heck do you suggest that I use by default, if
no colspec width is provided; (body-width/numcols, I suppose)).

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