Faster LinuxDoc to DocBook and Latex Converter (and more)

Subject: Faster LinuxDoc to DocBook and Latex Converter (and more)
From: Jeremy CALLES <Jeremy.Calles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:34:54 +0200

I've done a Scheme based library for SGML Documents, which uses the
NSGMLS parser. It was made to transform and apply easily built-in or
user-defined functions to an SGML Document. 

As examples, this package contains 2 translators, made with the library,
that translate documents from the LinuxDoc DTD to the DocBook DTD and
then to a LaTeX file. 

It also contains a lot of functions such as a wc-like and grep-like
function that respect the specifity of SGML documents. 

Moreover, the user can define, in Scheme R4RS, every functions he wants
to apply to his SGML documents and redefine built-in functions he
doesn't like. 

You can download it and find more information at

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