RE: The DSSSList Digest V2 #126 (Re: Bibliography support?)

Subject: RE: The DSSSList Digest V2 #126 (Re: Bibliography support?)
From: MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wroth, Mark)
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 07:17:40 -0700
Matthias Clasen kindly posted a reference to a tutorial example on
TeX+BibTeX like functionality; having just having just downloaded it and
read (but not studied) it, I'd like to thank him for the reference.  I'd
also like to comment for the list that  it's a very nice, well
documented tutorial, well worth including in a list of good things for
newbies (like me) to look at.  I can't really comment on the elegance of
the code (if I could, I wouldn't need the tutorial).

His code does not appear to implement the particular subset of BibTeX
functionality I'm aiming at (I think) but does provide most of the
pieces to do so (I think a mod to his "(define (reference) ..." along
the lines Norman Walsh suggested will get me there, but I haven't tried

Thank you.

> Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 10:32:01 +0200
> From: Matthias Clasen <clasen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Bibliography support?
> Yes, it sounds reasonable. As a DSSSL-learning project, I coded
> something
> like that quite some time ago. If you are interested, the complete
> material
> is available at
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