Re: Some DSSSL questions

Subject: Re: Some DSSSL questions
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 15:30:26 -0400
| 1) The DSSSL documentation project and DSSSL tutorials proved very
| useful. However, I can't find documentation anywhere about the various
| DSSSL functions, such as (current-node), (parent), (element ...),
| (make ...), etc. Where can I find that?

Grab the online version of the spec.  It's on sunsite somewhere, but 
I'm not exactly sure were.  With the standards stuff that Jon Bosak
put up.

| 2) I can't get catalogs to work. I want to generate different HTML
| output from a single source. I want several DSSSL stylesheets, say
| "mydtd-html2.dsl" and "mydtd-html32.dsl". I then want to call jade
| with one catalog to generate the appropriate output, e.g. call "jade
| -c catalog-html2" to generate the HTML 2 version. How should such a
| catalog look like, roughly?

You don't need to change catalogs to do this, you just need to use
-d mydtd-html2.dsl or -d mydtd-html32.dsl depending on which stylesheet
you want Jade to use.

| 3) I want to define a <LITERAL>-Tag, whose output is to be copied
| directly into the HTML output. This is meant for embedding HTML for
| those situations where I can't describe the contents in my own DTDs.
| The <LITERAL> contents may not be interpreted by DSSSL, since it will
| contain Tags that are not in my DTDs. What is the correct declaration?
| Or do I have to precess <LITERAL> differently in the DSSSL-scripts?

If you define this as a CDATA element in your DTD, I think Jade will
do the right thing.  If it's not CDATA, you're going to have to escape
"<" and "&" and then Jade will do the right thing.  Or am I missing

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