Re: Some DSSSL questions

Subject: Re: Some DSSSL questions
From: Daniel.Vogelheim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Daniel Vogelheim)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:25:13 GMT

thank you all very much for your answers.

ad 1)

mcraig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:
> "The files in this directory constitute the SGML source for 
> DIS 10179.2, DocumentStyle Semantics and Specification Language....."

Henry says:
> Try the DSSSL digest, which gives the prototype and first para. of the
> documentation for every DSSSL procedure and form. 

I looked at both, and the DSSSL digest is, I think, what I want.

ad 2)

Norman says:
> You don't need to change catalogs to do this, you just need to use
> -d mydtd-html2.dsl or -d mydtd-html32.dsl depending on which stylesheet
> you want Jade to use.

Yes, this works for now. But I expect to be using multiple DTDs later.
Since all files will have the .sgml ending, I can't easily select the
proper stylesheet. Could a catalog select the proper stylesheet based
on the documents DOCTYPE or even based on it's starting tag? (This is
just for curiosity... I will look at the details later, when I will
actually need this functionality.)

ad 3)

Norman also says:
> If you define this as a CDATA element in your DTD, I think Jade will
> do the right thing.  If it's not CDATA, you're going to have to escape
> "<" and "&" and then Jade will do the right thing.  Or am I missing
> something?

Suppose, the resulting HTML document should look like:

	bla bla <PETER> 3 &lt; 5 </PETER> bla bla

This of course isn't HTML, but I do want to output proper HTML Tags
(opening and closing). If I define it as CDATA, I have to use entities
for at least the closing PETER-Tag. I hoped I could avoid this. Worse
is, however, it just doesn't work: I can't distinguish between the
regular &lt; and the start of a tag, and thus output is:

	bla bla &lt;PETER&gt; 3 &lt; 5 &lt;/PETER&gt; bla bla

This, of course, is quite unlike what I really want.  

And finally, Tony says:
>It should be a CDATA marked section in your document if <LITERAL> is
>also going to contain end-tags for elements that aren't in your DTD:
>   <LITERAL><![ CDATA [ ... ]]></LITERAL>

Yep, this looks much better. Except... when I do

	<![ CDATA [ <PETER> bla bla </PETER> ]]>

Jade says:<OSFD>0:61:36:E: end tag for element "PETER" which is not

What I am doing wrong?

Thanks again,
Daniel Vogelheim

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