PLUG: Jade 1.2 and DSSSL-related software available in Debian

Subject: PLUG: Jade 1.2 and DSSSL-related software available in Debian
From: apharris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Adam P. Harris)
Date: 27 Sep 1998 14:53:16 -0400
This is to announce that Jade 1.2 and other integrated DSSSL and SGML
related packages are now available for Debian.  I just uploaded the
new jade 1.2; that packages should propogate into the Debian Slink
(2.1) archive over the next day or so.


 * libsp, libgrove, libspgrove, and libstyle available as shared and
   static libraries (jade is now under 400k!)

 * all compiled with egcs' g++, and libstdc++2.9

 * SGML catalog integration (no need to manually register SGML Public

 * docbook (v3.0) and docbook-stylesheets (v1.3) available

 * other DSSSL or SGML related packages available: dsc, sgml-tools,
   expat, psgml, sdc, jadetex (new version will be available shortly),

Both myself and other Debian developers have been trying hard to make
Debian the premier platform for Linux-based (and soon, hurd-based)
SGML and DSSSL development.  We believe that Debian's open model of
participation and our committment to system quality (as reflected in
the Debian Policy) put us head-and-shoulders above any other Free
systems out there.  For more information on Debian see

If anyone is just curious in how to robustly compile jade for linux, I
also invite them to inspect my patches, which are always available at
<URL:>.  Note
that URL will take a day or so to come into sync with the version I
uploaded last night.

If anyone has comments on other free SGML-based packages which they'd
like to see in Debian, or questions about what Debian is all about,
please feel free to email me directly.

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<URL:>

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