Re: JadeTeX and keep-with-next?

Subject: Re: JadeTeX and keep-with-next?
From: Thomas Corte <thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:28:38 +0200 (MESZ)

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, David Carlisle wrote:

> \@startsection isn't useable in jadetex nor is any other high level
> latex construct as jadetex takes a rather purist view of the dsssl
> process (unlike say the html backend).
> If you were to transform your section title elements to latex
> sections (and thus use  \@startsection) then this would be easier
> but then latex (and not dsssl) would be in control of the typographic
> style of these elements. Note the HTML backend rather assumes that you
> are going to map section titles to <h*> elements, which makes things
> easier but means it isn't really a `back end' as it needs a different
> stylesheet to drive it.

This is why I doubted the use of \@startsection; I'm aware of the
fact that JadeTeX cannot identify section headings etc. within the
messy TeXFOTBuilder output.

However, I wonder if it could be possible to e.g. use \@startsection
for typesetting a paragraph flow object with keep-with-next?: #t and keep:
'page characteristics, using all the style hints from the TeXFOTBuilder
definitions (that is, typesetting a whole paragraph as a LaTeX section).
By the way: in my opinion, its quite annoying having to write
a separated stylesheet for HTML output. I know that this conversion
is a SGML->SGML transformation, but has anyone ever thought about
a real "HTML backend", which simply tries to "typeset" the flow object
tree with the (admittedly limited) typographic facilities of HTML
and CSS? Having this, the stylesheets might only have to replace
(simple-)page-sequences by scroll flow objects. A major drawback
of this approach would be of course unreadable and uneditable HTML output.

Thomas Corte

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