Re: Jade 1.2 and JadeTeX

Subject: Re: Jade 1.2 and JadeTeX
From: Russell Senior <seniorr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 01 Oct 1998 09:25:29 -0700
>>>>> "SR" == Sebastian Rahtz <s.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

SR> you need to create hugelatex.fmt. you need to locate texmf.cnf
SR> (kpsewhich texmf.cnf), and add lines like

SR> main_memory.hugelatex = 1100000
SR> hash_extra.hugelatex = 15000
SR> pool_size.hugelatex = 500000
SR> string_vacancies.hugelatex = 45000
SR> max_strings.hugelatex = 55000
SR> pool_free.hugelatex = 47500
SR> nest_size.hugelatex = 500
SR> param_size.hugelatex = 1500
SR> save_size.hugelatex = 5000
SR> stack_size.hugelatex = 1500

SR> then do
SR>  tex -ini -progname=hugelatex -fmt=hugelatex.fmt latex.ltx

I think that should be:

  tex -ini -progname=hugelatex -fmt=hugelatex latex.ltx

The -fmt (at least mine) adds its own extension resulting in two in
the case of the command line you cite.

SR> this assumes a setup based on web2c-7 or later

That's what I have.  It is from the Debian 2.0 tetex packages.

I had to move the resulting hugelatex.fmt file to the
/usr/lib/texmf/web2c directory for it to be recognized and also
(though I am not sure this was necessary) ran the texhash program to
update the ls-R mapping.

So, I've got a hugelatex now, however I am getting a new error:

   tex -ini "&hugelatex" jadetex.ini
   This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (Web2C 7.2) (INITEX)
   LaTeX2e <1997/12/01> patch level 2
   Babel <v3.6j> and hyphenation patterns for american, french, german, nohyphenat
   ion, loaded.
   (jadetex.ltx (minimal.cls
   Document Class: minimal 1996/05/20 Standard LaTeX minimal class
   ) (amssymb.sty (amsfonts.sty)) (/usr/lib/texmf/tex/latex/tools/array.sty)
   (/usr/lib/texmf/tex/latex/tools/longtable.sty) (color.sty (color.cfg)
   (dvips.def) (dvipsnam.def)) (graphicx.sty (keyval.sty) (graphics.sty (trig.sty)
    (graphics.cfg))) (multicol.sty) (textcomp.sty (ts1enc.def)
   ! Undefined control sequence.
   l.210 \UndeclareTextCommand

If I continue I also see \UndeclareTextCommand's for \textdollar and
\textperthousand.  What to I do to fix those problems?


Russell Senior

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