SGML to RTF and back to SGML

Subject: SGML to RTF and back to SGML
From: Tom Anderson <tom@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 19:40:13 -0300

We are currently working on a project to output SGML -> MSWORD RTF using 
the JADE product.

We are also building  MSWORD templates/macros so a person can enter form 
information then save as SGML and later parsed by JADE's NSGMLS program.

Our client wants us to do a round trip SGML - RTF - SGML. MSWORD is to be 
used to edit the SGML files.

So far the missing link is to get STYLE's into the JADE rtf files.

We are trying to "HAMMER" rtf styles into JADE DSSSL created rtf.

We got a tip from someone on how to possibly do this using the JADE DSSSL

(make formatting-instruction
			data: "anything you want string")

So far we have not been able to make this instruction to work.

Attached is a segment of the DSSSL code.

Why it no workie?

(element gentitle
    (make paragraph
        lines:        'asis
        space-before: 12pt
        font-size:	  10pt
        font-weight:  'bold
        quadding:     'center
       (make formatting-instruction
	data: "\s20\qc\nowidctlpar\intbl\adjustright")
        (literal (case-fold-up (data (current-node))))

Tom Anderson

Director, Technical Services

Lexi-tech International

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