Re: What graphic format works in PS and HTML?

Subject: Re: What graphic format works in PS and HTML?
From: Rudi Chiarito <chiarito@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 15:28:37 +0200
John W. Shipman wrote:
> If I use GIFs, they come out fine in the HTML, but TeX
> says it can't figure out the bounding box.
> If I use EPS, they come out fine on the PS side, but in the
> HTML output they're just missing.

> Is there something obvious I'm missing here?

My solution is pretty simple: use both. HTML uses GIFs and TeX uses EPS.
This works neatly with both scenarios: a) you have some bitmap, e.g. a
screenshot, which can easily be converted to EPS (use giftopnm and pnmtops);
b) you have some structured drawing, e.g. a flow chart, which can be
converted to GIF by a rasterizer -- a bit more complex, you'd need pstoppm
(which uses and is part of Ghostscript), then ppmtogif. It is also handy if
you can't easily do automatic conversion, i.e. when some pictures need some
special custom tweaking.

Your documents should refer to the picture without using any suffix, e.g.:
              <graphic fileref="3_txed"></graphic>
Then the suffix is appended by the stylesheets, setting the variable
%graphic-default-extension% to "gif" for HTML output and "eps" for TeX.

If you're using Unix, you can easily write a shell script that creates
missing GIFs from EPS files and viceversa.

I hope this helps.
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