Re: which is "children property"?

Subject: Re: which is "children property"?
From: "W. Eliot Kimber" <eliot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 07:46:42 -0500
At 01:09 PM 10/9/98 +0900, ¹é½Â¿í wrote:
>I have read DSSSL spec.
>But I can't understand "children property".
>I know what children propery is but I don't know which propery is
>children property.
>As the spec, "nodal content property" is "children property".
>But, there is no information about "content property".

The "children property" of any node is defined by the value of the
"conprop" (content property) attribute in the property set. If a property
is both the content property and is nodal, then it is the "children
property". If a property is both the content property and is non-nodal,
then it is the "data property".

Here are two examples of children properties from the SGML property set:

<classdef rcsnm=element conprop=content clause="73000">

<propdef subnode rcsnm=content nodelist
ac="datachar sdata element pelement extdata subdoc pi msignch ignrs
    ignre repos usemap uselink entstart entend ssep comdcl msstart
    msend ignmrkup"

<classdef rcsnm=attasgn appnm="attribute assignment"
conprop=value dsepprop=tokensep clause="79002">
An attribute assignment, whether specified or defaulted.
In the base module because of data attributes.

<propdef subnode rcsnm=value nodelist
ac="attvaltk datachar sdata intignch entstart entend" clause="79401">

In the first example, the attribute "conprop" of the element node class
indicates that the property named "content" is the "content property" (the
similarity of names is pure coincidence--the "content property" can be
named anything--it doesn't have to be named "content").  The content
property is a nodal property, so the property named "content" of the
element node class is the children property for that node class.

This means that if you use the "children" function on an element node,
you'll get whatever nodes are in the value of that node's property named

For the attribute assignment node, the content property is declared to be
the property named "value".  The value property is nodal, so for attribute
assignment nodes, the children property is the property named "value".

Note all nodes types need have content properties, but most of the nodes
types in the SGML property set do.


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