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Subject: Re: Page x of 000
From: "Jack Fitzpatrick" <jfitzpatrick@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 16:42:36 +0000
This worked for me when the page header was constructed on the root element:

       (literal "Page "
       (literal " of ")
       (with-mode node-page
                  (node-list-last (select-elements
                              (descendants (current-node)) "SIG")))))

... assuming there can be multiple SIG children.
I define "node-page" mode simply as:

(mode node-page
     (default (current-node-page-number-sosofo)))

Even if I didn't know that "SIG" was the last element, I should still be
able to make this work by processing the LAST content node in the document
(last character?).  Does anyone know how to do that?  I tried:

(node-list-last (descendants (current-node)))

But that didn't work--got "Page 1 of r".  What's "r"?

Jack Fitzpatrick
Milwaukie OR  USA

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From: Rachael Sokolowski <rsokolowski@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Wednesday, September 09, 1998 3:42 PM
Subject: Page x of 000

>I have started working with DSSSL and am experiencing a  similar problem
>that was  posted to the DSSSL listserv in April by David Pawson. I am
>grateful for David's off-line suggestions but I am still stumped.
>I am trying to print "Page x of y" in the footer of an RTF document.
>The page number appears, but always set to 000 when I use
>(current-node-page-number-sosofo). I tried the reformatting in Word as
>posted some time ago (normal mode, ctrl-a, page layout) but the total
>of pages still does not appear. For me, this is not an option because I
>would like to use WordViewer, and not Word and WordViewer does not permit
>this sequence.
>In looking at the RTF output itself, it is not referencing the variable for
>the total number of pages. I'm afraid I'm either not getting the dsssl
>syntax quite right or this can't be done. I based this following code from
>some "table of contents" examples.
>I know that my element SIG is the last element of the document and will be
>on the last page:
>and I define the footer in this way:
>    ((page-num-footer
>         (make sequence
>          font-size:     HeadFootFontSize
>          line-spacing:  HeadFootLineSpacing
>          font-weight: 'bold
>          (literal  "Page ")
>          (page-number-sosofo)
>          (literal " of ")
>          (process-element-with-id "SIG")
>          (current-node-page-number-sosofo)
>          ))
>I also tried one of David's suggestions:
>changing the process-element-with-id
>(with-mode xxx (process-element-with-id
>then in the mode statement, use the current-node-page-number-sosofo.
>Alas, this also  did not  work. Any suggestions?
>Rachael Sokolowski
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