XML vers. CALS table

Subject: XML vers. CALS table
From: "Juliane Harbarth" <jhb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 17:36:18 +0100
I have problems converting instances of a proprietary DTD
that uses CALS tables to DocBook using jade in version 1.2.
The document to be converted contains an instance of a
CALS table as follows :

... <conventions><simple-content>
<p>This manual uses the following conventions for syntax:</p>
<table frame="all"><tgroup cols="2" colsep="1" rowsep="1">
<colspec colwidth="88*"/>
<colspec colwidth="308*"/><tbody ...

When tying to convert this using jade and a DSSSL stylesheet
jade reports an error " character data is not allowed here "
referring to the '/' behind '"88*"'. 

I have two questions :
1. What is wrong with <colspec colwidth="88*"/> ?
2. Why are there no complaints concerning
    <colspec colwidth="308*"/> ?

I admit that jade is right in complaining. My documents are in
XML and so is the DocBook-result supposed to be. However
I am using 'cals-tbl.elm' that is obviously a SGML-DTD, since
it contains these '-' and 'o' bits. Thus the incriminated colspec
is XML but however not conformant to 'cals-tbl.elm'.

Do I only need an XML-conformant CALS table DTD ?
If yes, where do I get it from ?

PC and brain both tangling between SGML and XML,

Juliane Harbarth
Technical Consultant
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