Re: DocBook stylesheets 1.19 released

Subject: Re: DocBook stylesheets 1.19 released
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 05:46:58 -0400
/ apharris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Adam P. Harris) was heard to say:
| In article <498-Mon19Oct1998101114-0400-ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>, Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
| > At Version 1.19 includes support
| > for several new languages, reworked language support, and a number
| > of enhancements/bug fixes.  See the ChangeLogs
| > ( for more info.
| Norm, is this release quality, unlike the previous versions > 1.13 ?

Oh, I'm still calling this one beta, but I hope to turn it into
"production" 1.20 before the end of the week.

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