Re: jadetex test version 2.3

Subject: Re: jadetex test version 2.3
From: "James H. Cloos Jr." <cloos@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 20 Oct 1998 03:20:48 -0500
>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Galassi writes:
>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Gushee <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Mark> Do you know if teTeX 0.9 has RPMs available?  It would be nice for
Mark> RedHat users to upgrade with RPM.

Matt> I'm pretty sure there aren't any RPMs, unfortunately.

RawHide has them.  I recompiled the SRPM myself under RH5.1 just to
make sure, but the binary RPMS may also work.  Cf
<>.  Some redhat mirrors have
rawhide, some do not.  I think the Danish SunSite (

The current rawhide rpms for tetex-0.9 are slightly out of date; teh
most recent file in the main src tar is dated 1998/July, and the
current tar file at Uni-Hannover is about 15% larger than that in the
SRPM.  Unfortunately, just moving the newer tar in place doesn't work;
there have been enough changes that the spec file will require some
massaging.  I've not had a chance to fix it yet, myself; I don't know
how *much* massaging it will require.

At least it doesn't `rm -fr /usr/lib/texmf' in the prep stage like the
0.4 spec file does.  (Can you guess why I decided to upgrade when I
did?  Would it help if I mentioned that I had, before that, just
finally gotten everythign set up just right for using Y&Y's Lucida
fonts, and hadn't yet run a backup? :)

Mark> Also, where's the up-to-date location for teTeX 0.9?

The spec file for the rawhide SRPM says

The website is at <>.

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