Re: jadetex test version 2.3

Subject: Re: jadetex test version 2.3
From: apharris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Adam P. Harris)
Date: 20 Oct 1998 02:57:05 -0400
In article <199810191752.TAA16494@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, cg@xxxxxxxxx (Cees de Groot) writes:
> s.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
>> I'd appreciate some feedback from brave people who are not scared
>> of JadeTeX, on version 2.3 at
>> jadetex.dtx

> Sounds like this one is not fit for 2.0 :-).

sgml-tools 2.0?  Why not?  I'm curious because Debian 2.1 is going
into freeze and I'd like to know if we should try to get a new jadetex
into that release.

> OBTW: am I right in concluding that nTeX is preferrable above teTeX
> for SGMLtools, because a) it supports dynamic configuration values
> and b) it seems to be more actively maintained?

tetex is pretty actively maintained, it's just in beta for like a year
now and rather hard to find.
<URL:>.  I'm
running a version now (Debian slink offical) dated 8 October 1998.

As for dynamic reconfiguration, that is supported in tetex AFAIK,
i.e., you can adjust pool sizes without recompiling...

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