Jade, RTF, and line fields

Subject: Jade, RTF, and line fields
From: "STE MARIE, PAUL" <PAUL.STE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 16:56:21 -0500
I'm having trouble formatting line fields through the Jade RTF back end. The
first line field on a line is produced properly, but the second and
subsequent line fields are not. If I format the same document as TeX I get
the output I'm expecting.

Two questions:

1)	I'm assuming that I'm using line fields correctly--ie something

(make line-field
      	 field-width:	8pica
      	 field-align:	'start
       (literal "Foo"))
     	(make line-field	
      	 field-width:	8pica
      	 field-align:	'end
       (literal "Bar"))

	should give me Foo left-aligned in a 8 pica area and BAr
right-aligned in a 8 pica area, for a total width of 16 picas.

2)	Has anyone encountered and fixed this problem before? It looks like
should be able to modify RtfFOTBuilder::startLineField() and
RtfFOTBuilder::endLineField() to handle fields that aren't at the left
margin without too much difficulty.

Looking at the source code for the RTF back end, 
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