Re: "jade -V ..." is just fine, but ...

Subject: Re: "jade -V ..." is just fine, but ...
From: Jochen_Hayek@xxxxxxx
Date: 19 Nov 1998 00:14:47 +0000
>>>>> "NDW" == Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    NDW> | So do I really have to start `my own stylesheet'?
    NDW> Yep.

    NDW> | How would I inherit everything (else)
    NDW> | from (let's say) docbook-1.23/html/docbook.dsl ?

    NDW> This is covered in the customization section
    NDW> of the docs for my DSSSL stylesheets.
    NDW> Shout if something's unclear. ;-)

Yes, it's the section with the title `Writing Your Own Driver'.
Sorry, but I didn't read the documentation line by line,
and Driver didn't just ring a bell
in my `almost 20 years UNIX influenced brain'.

Not that it's either hard to pick up or to adapt,
but I don't know of any other IT context,
where <glossterm>driver</glossterm> would mean something similar,
but that doesn't mean, that can't be at all ...

Once again: that section is very, very helpful.

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