"jade -V ..." is just fine, but ...

Subject: "jade -V ..." is just fine, but ...
From: Jochen_Hayek@xxxxxxx
Date: 18 Nov 1998 19:40:43 +0000
jade_dsl/jadedoc/jade.htm tells me how to switch a boolean variable
on the jade command line (-V ...),

but I'm stuck with something like
(not that this is a very important assignment at all):

    (define %html-ext% ".html")

I just want to overwrite a few defaults.

So do I really have to start `my own stylesheet'?

How would I inherit everything (else)
from (let's say) docbook-1.23/html/docbook.dsl ?

I have browsed several related web pages,
but I don't need an introducation into DSSSL (I think),
as I learned Scheme once,
but I just need some hints, like where can I insert a few DSSSL lines?


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