returning a nodelist

Subject: returning a nodelist
From: Mike Sosteric <mikes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 10:02:40 -0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
(with thanks to brandon ibach)

Okay here is the problem. I want to be able to navigate to a named 
nodelist in a document grove. The assumption is that the nodelist is 
a list of nodes and not a snl. The intent is to return this nodelist and 
then call another function to borrow down further until I find the right element
(i've tried using (parent, etc) but hte document structure seems to complex and i get
 (node-list-first (node-list-rest (children (children (node-list-first (parent nl))))))))
which still doesn't get me where I want to go. and the line is getting too long, and 
this isn't generic enough for my tastes.

anyway, so steal a procedure from brandon ibach, modify it, and get 
the following code which is supposed to return a nd. if i do
(gi nd), i can verify that I'm at the right location. 
(define (named-nl node name)
  (let* ((gr (node-property 'grove-root node))
         (de (node-property 'document-element gr)))
    (let loop ((nl (node-property 'content de)))
      (if (node-list-empty? nl) #f
          (let ((nd (node-list-first nl)))
            (or (and (equal? 'element (node-property 'class-name nd))
                     (if (string=? name (gi nd))
                         (nd) ; <<<<----return the nodelist
                         (loop (node-property 'content nd))))
                (loop (node-list-rest nl))))))))

but when I try to return just (nd) I get 

C:\USR\LOCAL\JADE1.2\JADE.EXE:tortf.dsl:45:25:E: call of non-function object "#<
unknown object 10629356>"

which suggests to my untrained eye that JADE is interpreting nd as a function and 
finding that it isn't one. 

So my question is, how do I return a nodelist so I can process it further?


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