RE: Underscores part II

Subject: RE: Underscores part II
From: Linda van den Brink <lvdbrink@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 09:37:26 +0100

As I stripped my stylesheet to prepare a small example for you to look at,
it suddenly worked. I must have done something wrong, though I can't find
what it was anymore. 

At the risk of not being taken seriously anymore on this list, I must
confess I'm finding (parts of) DSSSL rather difficult. I'm wondering if it
has to do with my background, which is in humanities. (I'm currently working
as a tech writer at a software company). I've been working with SGML for
some time and am comfortable with it, but I have *absolutely no* programming

I'm wondering if most DSSSL users have a programming background? Or does it
just take some time to learn DSSSL? I'm used to learning things within a
couple of days, but this is taking me weeks already. 

 	Linda van den Brink 
 	BaaN Knowledge Development 

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Subject: Re: Underscores part II

| For example:
| (element (form_command text title)(make element gi: "h3"
|                                                  (process-children)))
| Similar expressions for other elements (without underscores) do work. This
| one, however, seems to be ignored, as it produces no error message, and no
| result either. Is this indeed due to the underscore? Is there a way to
| this?  

I'm surprised that you get no errors and no results.  Can you
provide a small stylesheet and instance that demonstrates the

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