Latin 2 charset

Subject: Latin 2 charset
From: Dan Pomohaci <dan@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 08:06:53 +0200
I've made a localization of the DocBook DSSSL for Romanian
language. Unfortunate Romanian language use Latin 2 charset and
because I didn't find any entities for this charset I put in
dbl2ro.dsl and dbl2ro.ent (the localization files in common directory)
the codes for this chars. For back-end I use TeX.  I modified also
the dsssl.def and jadetex.ltx files from jadetex. With all these
modifications the TeX back-end works without problems. But I don't
know what to do for HTML and RTF back-ends.

Is a "standard" method to use Latin 2 charset in DocBook DSSSL ? My
method is to complicated to be good :-)

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