Re: DocBook Converts into too many HTML Pages

Subject: Re: DocBook Converts into too many HTML Pages
From: "Juliane Harbarth" <jhb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 12:24:06 -0000
>| The second problem is that we would like the result to consist of
>| fewer but bigger pages, i.e. we would appreciate a CHAPTER
>| to be converted into a single HTML page containing all the
>You have to make one small change to the stylesheets. The
>'chunk-element-list' function returns the list of elements that
>should be considered chunks (it's further modified by the
>'chunk-skip-first-element-list' function, but for what you have
>in mind, that won't matter).
>If you remove 'sect1' from the chunk-element-list, they'll no longer
>be chunks and all of the chapter content will appear in a single file.

ahh, yes that's what I wanted, 
many thanks,


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