Re: Problem with Japonese language

Subject: Re: Problem with Japonese language
From: "Kar Yan Ng" <kyng@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 13:26:01 -0800
Since your tags are in Japanese characters, I believe you
may have to modify the LCNMSTRT, UCNMSTRT, etc. in the SGML
Declaration to include the Japanese Characters. I have only
tried this once with a very simple Japanese file with nsgmls
and it works

Kar Yan
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From: Didier PH Martin <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: DSSSL mailing list <DSSSList@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 10:11 AM
Subject: Problem with Japonese language

>I am doing a test with Jon Bosak files he used for a XML
demonstration in
>France. The goal was to demonstrate the multi lingual facet
of XML. He
>showed a Japanese XML document transformed into a RTF
document with a DSSSL
>script. I downloaded the examples but I am having trouble
executing the
>DSSSL script on the file.
>Here is the problem context:
>- The text has Japanese markups.
>- it is encoded in unicode.
>- I set the SP_ENCODING environment variable to wunicode.
>- I execute the script with all elements in the same
directory and the
>"Current directory" is set to the directory containing all
the files.
>- The doc type is included in the document
>- Both the document and the DSSSL script are in unicode
>- a directory contains all the DSSSL files (DTDs, etc) and
is set with the
>environment variable: SGML_CATALOG_FILES
>- I can transform without any problems English documents
with the actual
>Here is the problem:
>the document starts with
><?xml version="1.0"?>
><!ELEMENT XXXXXX (XX)+ > (XXXXX are Japanese symbols)
> etc...
>I have an error that says:
character "?"
>invalid: only name and parameter separators allowed.
>So, the second line and 10th character is:
>          ^ the first Japanese character. (If I am right to
think that the
>DSSSL interpreter starts each line at character 0, and each
document at line
>So, the parser cannot process the doctype and stop
processing by printing
>the output:
cannot continue
>because of previous errors
>What should I do to run the DSSSL script (which is written
in English but do
>pattern match on Japanese markups)?
>The DSSSL script looks like (extract example):
>(element XX <--------------(XX are japanese symbols)
>  (make paragraph
>        space-before: 6pt
>        space-after: 6pt
>        (sosofo-append
>        (make line-field
>              field-width: %label-field-width%
>              field-align: 'end
>              font-weight: 'bold
>              font-family-name: %label-font-name%
>              (literal
>                (string-append "Author:" %label-spacer%)))
>        (make sequence
>              font-family-name: (FONTNAME)
>                (process-children)))))
>Thanx for your help
>Didier PH Martin
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