Problem with Japonese language

Subject: Problem with Japonese language
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 11:51:07 -0500

I am doing a test with Jon Bosak files he used for a XML demonstration in
France. The goal was to demonstrate the multi lingual facet of XML. He
showed a Japanese XML document transformed into a RTF document with a DSSSL
script. I downloaded the examples but I am having trouble executing the
DSSSL script on the file.

Here is the problem context:
- The text has Japanese markups.
- it is encoded in unicode.
- I set the SP_ENCODING environment variable to wunicode.
- I execute the script with all elements in the same directory and the
"Current directory" is set to the directory containing all the files.
- The doc type is included in the document
- Both the document and the DSSSL script are in unicode
- a directory contains all the DSSSL files (DTDs, etc) and is set with the
environment variable: SGML_CATALOG_FILES
- I can transform without any problems English documents with the actual

Here is the problem:
the document starts with
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!ELEMENT XXXXXX (XX)+ > (XXXXX are Japanese symbols)
I have an error that says:
D:\SDK\DSSSL\JAMES\BINARY\JADE.EXE:bcat.uc.sgml:2:10:E: character "?"
invalid: only name and parameter separators allowed.

So, the second line and 10th character is:
          ^ the first Japanese character. (If I am right to think that the
DSSSL interpreter starts each line at character 0, and each document at line
So, the parser cannot process the doctype and stop processing by printing
the output:
D:\SDK\DSSSL\JAMES\BINARY\JADE.EXE:bcat.uc.sgml:2:10:E: cannot continue
because of previous errors

What should I do to run the DSSSL script (which is written in English but do
pattern match on Japanese markups)?

The DSSSL script looks like (extract example):

(element XX <--------------(XX are japanese symbols)
  (make paragraph
        space-before: 6pt
        space-after: 6pt
        (make line-field
              field-width: %label-field-width%
              field-align: 'end
              font-weight: 'bold
              font-family-name: %label-font-name%
                (string-append "Author:" %label-spacer%)))
        (make sequence
              font-family-name: (FONTNAME)

Thanx for your help
Didier PH Martin

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