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Subject: Re: Problem with Japanese language
From: "Kar Yan Ng" <kyng@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 21:38:00 -0800
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Subject: RE: Problem with Japanese language

>Sorry for my ignorance but how can I modify LCNMSTRT and
UCNMSTRT? can you
>just give me an example of how to set that. Is it set by a
markup? if yes
>how the markup looks like? should I include this in the
document prolog
>(i.e. before the doctype declaration)?
>Thanx for your help
>Didier PH Martin

Yes, according to the SGML standards, an SGML declaration
may be placed before the doctype declaration or the DTD  to
tell the SGML parser various lexical characteristics of the
document, like character sets the document use, the
characters used for tags, and various SGML features.

Therefore, to specify extra characters to be used for the
name tags in addition to alpha-numeric character, in the
SGML declaration we need to add the corresponding character
numbers (in the corresponding character set, e.g. ISO/IEC
10646-1:1993 UCS-2 ) at the appropriate sections, namely:

LCNMSTRT : lower case name start characters

UCNMSTRT: upper case name start characters

LCNMCHAR: lower case name characters

UCNMCHAR: upper case name characters

For instance, a LCNMSTRT section could look like:
 1007-1009 1072-1103 1105-1116

This tells the parser that characters 1007-1009 (e.g.) in
the character set could be used as lower case name start
characters in the SGML documents. Therefore, we need to find
out from ISO 10646 the characters numbers that represents
the Japanese characters that could appear in the element
names of the SGML documents. and put these in the
appropriate sections in the SGML declaration.

So far, I have only tried this approach once with an SGML
document with a single non-ASCII tag. But I suppose the same
principles should apply to bigger documents. I will try this
on Bosak's documents to see if it works or not.

Kar Yan

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