Re: Problem with Japanese language

Subject: Re: Problem with Japanese language
From: Matt Gushee <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 14:56:00 +0900
Frank A. Christoph writes:

 > >Sorry for my ignorance but how can I modify LCNMSTRT and UCNMSTRT? can you
 > >just give me an example of how to set that. Is it set by a markup? if yes
 > >how the markup looks like? should I include this in the document prolog
 > >(i.e. before the doctype declaration)?
 > Use the attached file.  It is the SGML declaration for XML
 > documents that came with jade a few versions back.

Is it 'japan.sgmldecl'? If so, it only enables SP/Jade to process
Japanese in PCDATA -- not Japanese markup elements, which is what I
thought the original poster wanted to do.

Apparently Jon Bosak has provided a solution, so I won't go on at
length. But as I understand it, LCNMSTRT and UCNMSTRT do not work for
Chinese/Japanese/Korean, which have no concept of case. I think you
need to, first, modify

<!SGML "ISO 8879:1986"

at the head of the SGML declaration to

<!SGML "ISO 8879:1986 (ENR)"


<!SGML "ISO 8879:1986 (WWW)"

(XML uses the latter)
Then you can define the case-insensitive NAMESTRT. I was working on it
a couple of months ago, but didn't really have an immediate need, so I
I still haven't figured out what values to set it *to*.

Hope this helps a bit.

Matt Gushee
Oshamanbe, Hokkaido, Japan

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