Diagnosis hints, anyone?

Subject: Diagnosis hints, anyone?
From: MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wroth, Mark)
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 09:23:32 -0800
Can anyone provide clues on what the cause of a Jade error message
"Character data not allowed here" occurring on the first non-whitespace
character of a DSSSL script might be?

This is not quite as simple as it sounds, so let me give some
background.  I have a medium large SGML document class which has evolved
over the last year or so.  It involves a variant concrete syntax (which
redefines ERO, REFC, and various naming characters to make things like
{a'} and {`e} valid entity references), a fairly good sized DTD, and a
set of three DSSSL scripts which, among other things, build on Matthias
Clasen's bibliographic sorting code. The three scripts are contained in
a single DSSSL stylesheet, using style-specifications with different

All of this works, or at least did until yesterday.

The project has grown to the point where I am writing a user manual and
code documentation for it, and I have elected to write the manual using
Nuweb/LaTeX.  I have embedded the declaration, DTD, and DSSSL code in an
appropriate web file, which Nuweb then parses out into the same file
structure I was previously using.

However, the newly generated files fail to process correctly, generating
the "Character data not allowed here" error message and messages that
the <style-specification> close was found before the element was done.
The file/line/character at which the first error message is generated is
the first non-whitespace character (a ";", as it happens) of a DSSSL
file which is included in a second DSSSL file which is in turn included
in the main stylesheet.

Doing a DIFF between the older files and their Nuweb generated
equivalents has not revealed any smoking guns.  There are a fair number
of changes, but all of them appear to be syntactically neutral -- the
addition of blank lines in DSSSL scripts and the removal of SGML

Can anyone suggest what kinds of errors in this translation process are
likely to induce these kinds of errors?  At the moment, while I can get
back to where I started, I am at something of a loss on what to work on
in the literate programming version of the system to fix the problem.


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