horizontal layout of table cells

Subject: horizontal layout of table cells
From: "STE MARIE, PAUL" <PAUL.STE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 10:20:44 -0500
Reading the DSSSL spec and looking at what happens with Jade and JadeTeX,
I'm getting somewhat confused about the proper interpretation of the various
indents and alignments in a table cell.

Looking at the interaction between cell-before-column-margin,
cell-after-column-margin, the table column display-alignment, the table
column start-indent & end-indent, and the quadding and indents for any
paragraphs inside the cell, it seem like what happens is:

1.	The before and after margins and the column start and end indent are
padded out of the cell width.
2.	The width of the sosofo inside the cell is computed.
3.	The difference of the space required and the space left in the
column is distributed according to the display-alignment for the column.
4.	The quadding, etc, for the cell contents are applied in the
remaining space.

Is this right? This implies that the quadding in the cell contents can only
move text with regard to the width of the cell contents, and doesn't affect
the overall placement of the cell contents in the cell.

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