Jade and SHORTREFs

Subject: Jade and SHORTREFs
From: Chuck Darney <cdarney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 10:34:28 -0500
Does Jade, usingn the RTF backend, process SHORTREF character mapping? 
I'm trying to use the &#TAB; to get a horizontal tab, but it doesn't
seem to work.  The output RTF has nothing to suggest that it's been
used.   The declaration supports shortref (shortref sgmlref) and (tab
sepchar 9).  I don't have to modify my DTD to support the standard set
of references, do I?  Do the style sheets have to support them in some
way?  I used to be able to use &#TAB; but it ceased working.

...Chuck Darney

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