Re: SGML transformation?

Subject: Re: SGML transformation?
From: "Grzegorz Staniak" <gstaniak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 21:41:17 +0100
On 18 Jan 99, at 14:20, Mitch C. Amiano wrote:

> Use the formatting-instruction procedure. This is a Jade extension.
> Start by figuring out what SGML elements will trigger which
> SQL statements. Then, match the elements using an element rule, 
> and make a formatting-instruction to output the SQL. I'd typically 
> use a (let) expression to put together the information for the transaction
> before making the formatting-instruction.
> Here's a modified snippet of code from a Jade style sheet. It should 
> give you some ideas.
> (%NEWLINE%) and (FORMAT-ARGLIST) are simple functions I wrote to make 
> dealing with source-code output a bit easier. It converts some SGML 
> which looks vaguely like the following into a snippet of JavaScript code.

Thanks a lot for such a prompt and complete reply. I appreciate 
it very much indeed. 

Grzegorz Staniak

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