Is it possible to process architectural instances with(sgml-parse)?

Subject: Is it possible to process architectural instances with(sgml-parse)?
From: Norman Gray <norman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 18:44:27 +0000 (GMT)

Is it possible to process a document with respect to an architectural instance
using DSSSL's sgml-parse function (as implemented in Jade version "1.1.1"
SP version "1.3.1")?

I've managed to persuade myself that it's not possible, but I doubt myself
here, firstly because that conclusion seems very unlikely, and secondly
because it relies on my still fresh understanding of what LPDs can do.

I'm trying to implement inter-document cross-referencing, and generating
the link information (the referenced document's title, and so on)
by parsing the target document.  That target document will be an
instance either of a `documentsummary' DTD, or of a DTD which has the
documentsummary DTD as a base architecture.  I want to parse the target
document as an instance of documentsummary.

The description of sgml-parse in clause 10.1.7 of the DSSSL standard
says that the keyed parameter `active:' is `a list of strings specifying
the names of the active DTD or LPDs'.  Now, I presume that the reference
to the active DTD relates to a situation where you're using the CONCUR
feature, which I'm not (I did try giving the architecture name here,
without much expectation of success), so that leaves us with LPDs.

The problem is that I can't see how I would select an architecture
from within an LPD.  This is partly because I can't see any syntax
which would specify this, but mostly because it seems inappropriate
for a document to be able to say `I want to be processed with
such-and-such an architecture'.  Having said that, I suppose
architectural processing does count as a link process, so....  Even if
an LPD were a correct way to specify this, it seems inconvenient at
the very least to have to add processing information to the prologues
of a potentially large number of documents.

So I seem to have argued myself into a corner.  Is there any way I can
do the processing I want without _pre_processing documents to produce
architectural documents?

Finally, am I correct in presuming that architectural form processing
is something that happens as the grove is being built, so that there are
no architectural transformations possible on the completed grove in DSSSL.

Just by the way (admission of confusion, here), am I correct in
understanding `architectural instance' as the DTD which results from
architectural processing, as distinguished from `architectural document',
which is the document into which the original document instance is
transformed by that processing?  HyTime's A.3.1.2 seems to define the
latter fairly clearly, but I can't now re-find the definition of the
former in there.

Thanks for any pointers.  All the best,


Norman Gray              
Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow, UK     norman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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