Subject: Announcement
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 00:00:18 -0500

I have posted a new version of the SGMLKit. You can download it at:, To fully use it, it is better that you download
the document explorer too but now it should work with IE 4.x and IE 5.x
browsers. We are working to integrate our stuff with Mozilla but some
modules are not ready yet for integration. However, I should say that the
new Mozilla rendering engine is fast.

You can send bug reports to mailto:didierm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or simply ask
question. the doc is very very rudimentary but the final release will
contain full documentation. You can post your comments in the present list
or directly to my mailbox.

This version correct several bugs and add new features:

- Full XML support. If a document includes a style sheet PI in the XML
document will be associated to the correct style sheet for the following
styles: CSS, XSL and DSSSL. If you have IE 5.x beta installed, the Microsoft
CSS and XSL engine will process the document and display it in the browser.
Jade engine will process the XML document with DSSSL styles. We followed the
latest W3 recommendations about style sheets PI but got to add a new
property because, the actual spec is limited to HTML display and do not
include other kind of renderer. We added the "format" property so, for DSSSL
styles you can select from the PI the output format.
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/dsssl" href="../myScript.dsl" format="rtf"?>
output is RTF and can be displayed in IE browser with the Word viewer or
word itself.
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/dsssl" href="../myScript.dsl" format="sgml"?>
The output is HTML tags and displayed in the browser. This format gives you
a lot of latitude.
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/dsssl" href="../myscript.dsl" format="html"?>
uses the experimental HTML FOs, still incomplete, but we are working on it
and we implement new FOs.
for XSL and CSS you cannot use the new stylesheet PI, use the previous one
<?xml:stylesheet type="text/css" href="../myscript.xsl" ?> in that case, you
don't have the format property because only HTML is supported.

for DSSSL style processing you may use:

I added a folder named sample\xml (under the sgmlKit installed folder) that
contains several XML document and their associated styles. the folder
XML document -> xsl script -> html output (in IE5.x only)
XML document -> css script -> html output (in IE 5.x only)
XML document -> DSSSL script -> rtf output (in IE 4.x and IE 5.x with Word
viewer or Word)
XML document -> DSSSL script -> html output with James GI DSSSL extension
(in IE 4.x and IE 5.x)
XML document -> DSSSL script -> html output with the work in progress html
backend (in IE 4.x and IE 5.x)
with these files you'll be able to compare all these styles. If you have the
document explorer, you just have to point and click on XNML documents icons
(the left pane) to see them displayed in the docview (the right pane).
You'll be able now to compare all this and even do benchmarks!!! Thanx to
several people of the DSSSL list who helped debug my DSSSL script (sorry, I
am better with C++ than DSSSL but I improve my DSSSL skills everydays :-)

Didier PH Martin

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