Accessing attribute names.

Subject: Accessing attribute names.
From: Jon Haugsand <Jon.Haugsand@xxxxx>
Date: 26 Jan 1999 13:24:32 +0100
I have a DTD which is based on a simplified html 3.2 DTD, that is, it
contains most of the familiar html tags, like <strong>, <p>, <ol> and
so on. I did this because I am writing a document whose main purpose
is to be publicized on the web, and I did not wish to bother with
reinventing microstructure in such documents. (You are welcome to
comment on this issue.)

Anyway, an advantage with this approach is that my dsssl specification
becomes simpler. For any of the html-tags I merely have the following
dsssl statements:

(element pre (pass-through))
(element tt (pass-through))
(element i (pass-through))
(element b (pass-through))
(element u (pass-through))
(element ol (pass-through))
(element ul (pass-through))
(element li (pass-through))

(define (pass-through)
	 (make element gi: (gi)
	       (make sequence

There is one problem though. I do not get the proper attributes. So my
question is: Is there any way to get access to all the attributes
without knowing in advance which ones I am looking for?


Jon Haugsand
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