Accessing attribute names.

Subject: Accessing attribute names.
From: Alexander Taranov <tay@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 11:53:02 +0300
Jon Haugsand writes:
 > I have a DTD which is based on a simplified html 3.2 DTD, that is, it
 > contains most of the familiar html tags, like <strong>, <p>, <ol> and
 > so on. I did this because I am writing a document whose main purpose
 > is to be publicized on the web, and I did not wish to bother with
 > reinventing microstructure in such documents. (You are welcome to
 > comment on this issue.)
 > Anyway, an advantage with this approach is that my dsssl specification
 > becomes simpler. For any of the html-tags I merely have the following
 > dsssl statements:
 > (element pre (pass-through))
 > (element tt (pass-through))
 > (element i (pass-through))
 > (element b (pass-through))
 > (element u (pass-through))
 > (element ol (pass-through))
 > (element ul (pass-through))
 > (element li (pass-through))
 > ...
 > (define (pass-through)
 > 	 (make element gi: (gi)
 > 	       (make sequence
 >         	 (process-children))))

>From J.Clark's example:

(define (copy-attributes #!optional (nd (current-node)))
  (let loop ((atts (named-node-list-names (attributes nd))))
    (if (null? atts)
        (let* ((name (car atts))
               (value (attribute-string name nd)))
          (if value
              (cons (list name value)
                    (loop (cdr atts)))
              (loop (cdr atts)))))))

(define (pass-throgh #!optional (nd (current-node)))
  (make element
	gi: (gi nd)
	attributes: (copy-attributes nd)))

Also you can simplify part of your stylesheet

specifying default rule

(default (pass-throgh))

which will be applied to all elements for which
explicit rules are not specified.

 > There is one problem though. I do not get the proper attributes. So my
 > question is: Is there any way to get access to all the attributes
 > without knowing in advance which ones I am looking for?
 > Thanks,
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